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You ask, we craft.

It's all about the Details

Every build will be thought out with care & precision, offering the best performance vs value for your basic needs be it gaming or a workstation.

Other Services

Because it's time to give your PC to have a new home.

Give it a new breath of life by porting over to a new case with a much updated & trendy design. RGB-ify your computer, improve its airflow and make it look sleek & brand new all over again.

All case porting services done by our in-house specialists include state of the art cable management as well as rerouting for ease of access.

Don't know what to do with your old case? Contact us with photos to see if we'll accept trade-ins to shave off the payment on your side.
Having problems with your computer? Not booting up? Facing terrible lag issues or having seemingly over-heating problems? Bring it to us to diagnose your computer for you and we'll try our best to resolve your issues.
New Year resolutions aren't just for yourself, so give your computer the much needed re-lift it needs.

Services include:
- Dust cleaning with High-power electric blower
- Metal polishing
- Cable-rerouting

Beautify your computer once again with us, we'll pamper it the way it deserves to be.

Brands We Work With

MonkenPC - Your Trusted PC Specialists

MonkenPC was born out of the covid pandemic and lockdown, with seemingly unruly prices as well as dishonest marketing the crux of the decision to start up MonkenPC.

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Mouse Mods

Comissioned Custom Mouse/PC Chassis Paint jobs

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